Manuscript Help?

Ahoy all! So I’ve been working on a collection of poetry, titled ” Canyons, Such As These”. It’s based around nature and the human experience, encompasses something like 60-70 poems, maybe only 50, or less, I didn’t count and I’m not gunna bother. Would anyone be up fer giving it a read through? Pointing out any flaws, errors, offering yer own thoughts on it and that jazz? It’d be greatly appreciated and on the chance it gets picked up by a publisher I’d be happy to get you a copy free of charge.

Canyouns Such As These Cover Final



Aight folk, so I’ma start submitting my poetry, as singles and chapbooks, to publishers, try to do something with this writing ya know? Generally, most publishers don’t accept work that has been posted elsewhere, so you might notice a number of writings disappearing. Provided they get rejected, they’ll be put back up, if on the chance they get accepted, you’ll potentially see them somewhere else.

Thank you