Body brush moving
Like a thousand badger bristles-
a streak of red,
maybe violet too
New moon tonight
A mutual relinquishing
Of identity
As if everything is vibrantly
A chill in the Autumn air
Raising mountains on plateaus
Of undisturbed growth,
Practically visible
The aluminum reflection
Of a smile
Is all
I’ll ever know you by


A Eulogy

Clenched tightly to your chest
As if to keep what fleeting warmth close,
Arms encompassing
A vanishing equator
As if to actually hold
A pair of shoulder

Ephemeral under the absent light
Of a new moon-
A reflection of your face
Glistening with the birth of a waterfall,
There’s a loss of words
A loss of definition
Before me
You disappeared
At first tempted to coagulate,
To hold all that remains
As close as able,
What space
Does comfort truly occupy
If it remains static and safe?

A kick of dust
Became a rock thrown
So desperately and yet,
With so
I almost smiled at the sight,
From the extension of your arm
An avalanche roared into existence

And a mountain melted
Beneath a matte street lamp
Just north of the train tracks