Sediment In A Wine Bottle

Estate sale personified
As swigs of sand dwindling through
Kaleidoscope irises, slipping sunsets into palms cut
Acting in assumption that such wounds
Close, fade and then ambiguous definitions of normalcy
Can be resumed again
Acting in assumption such pain halts
And forgives the body it accumulates,
Clothes become too big
Fabric promised protection
Sworn, left unnoticed
Dedicated life to living beneath stale socks almost
Visible but kept dark and almost given a chance,
Embraced auctions for relinquishing redemption
Based offers observed pretended to be valuable,
Feign colour polarity
Pallet set
Sleep on hoping prosperity flourish
And wither slip into an unintentional hibernation
Waiting for-but wake up it’s time to move on
Waiting for-but wake up
Quoted as in decline
Liquidate property as hospital visits


Fishing on Father’s Day

A reconciliation
Of distance and never being able
To remember,
A reflection is a montage of loss
Like a time lapse of all the faces
I will wear,
None of them will connect
Days to form years
And certainly not offer
An explanation for why
Clothes now provide
More than just warmth in the winter,
Timeline broken apart
Struggling to assemble the fossil record
Of my former self
How can someone be
The sum of their parts
When the pieces are intangible
Objects that breathe more life
On their own
Than when collected?
Escaping recognition
Facing the mirror again,
Sometimes I see mountains
In the background,
Other times it’s a vivid forest
Full of beautiful unity
Never seeing a body
All the places
My everything
Might be