Seeking Physical Presence In A Stock Photo

Teenage intuition seeks alternatives to baring witness
Conversations  delayed till no longer relevant

Legs run
Tracing root systems to river’s edge
Flames whisper from peripheral’s blur
Time capsule’s accordance
Flesh is buried
Trinkets sewn of heart string
Reunite with hand prints on hinges
Pulling heavy breath through narrow openings
Stumbling still abled
Safety in knowing but not showing face,
Translated shoe laces missing
Tied a knot somewhere
Stopped the bleeding for a little while longer
Scrapbook sheets left behind
Licked a stamp as last chance exit
To be returned anywhere
Except every moment not shared

A picture framed
Gravel roads kaleidoscope stained
Porch light projecting a phosphorescent montage of letters kept
Context shown as postscript flashbacks
Narrated by voices in tones of bodies present,
Pressed together pen under skin
Wrote in cursive slender yet elegant,
A signature and hyphen followed by
A smile with some numbers added
Replaced the thought of never seeing you


Maybe Greater Than Milwaukee

Maybe bones or flowers blooming in bruised anthems
Small spaces tight and dark, an immense
Landscape mountains and Yellowstone geysers,

It’s been a while
A handwritten letter dated
What felt like yesterday still
Sometimes feels like today
If the light shines comme il faut

Birthday parties as sapling trees
Growth as flowing rivers or brick and mortar
City architecture I’ve been trying to remember
The internal geography of you
Without much success, distance has limited sight
Restricted language to the tip of this tongue,
Knowing just
Who you were, it can only be assumed
That whatever you are
Now is far more magnificent than a beating heart