East Lansing

I fear
With great anticipation one day I
Will go into the woods
And never come out

In a sweat ladened bed
Deep in evening’s mad trance;
I dream

Clothes dissipating
Cotton loose and living-
A moss veil multi-coloured reaching
For diffused streams of radiant honey

I wander in thought

Wait for rain

Transmute this skin
Soil upturned spreading
Relentlessly crawling along a river blue unhindered,
How I will be cloaked in footprints
As splintered fauna accept me for what I am
How fragile yet resilient
This mess of absence is

And my bones whose rigidity has kept me upright
And my heart whose vigor has provided me with great love
Will serve no such purpose anymore
For sorrow and happiness carry their own weight
And I want only to be an arbitrary manifestation

An echo springs forward
I shutter and wake
Tangled in an echelon of concrete


Author: Montana Svoboda

I'm a genderless poet currently living in Central Michigan where I attend college for Environmental Science and English. Nature's some cool shit, frisbee's a neat activity, fountain pens are best pens, Latakia for life, coffee and tea keep these gears turning.

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