Something To Turn To

Concentrating to remain plentiful
Becoming penumbrae for whole
Presence receding like glaciers
Of summer,
Sitting on a couch
Tattered in the backroom
Enveloped in whispers of coffee
Consumed too late lakefront glistening
Pallid reflections knocking on glass
Occasionally a fish gallops
Momentarily creating an eclipse,
A firefly flutters visions of Cygnus
Prior to Cancer
Being coherent was imperative,
Breathing was essential
Life revolved around humanity
Like latent spirits
Or assumptions
The Earth folds before us


Author: Montana Svoboda

I'm a genderless poet currently living in Central Michigan where I attend college for Environmental Science and English. Nature's some cool shit, frisbee's a neat activity, fountain pens are best pens, Latakia for life, coffee and tea keep these gears turning.

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