Between You and Everything

A congregation of remembrance
In honor of being pardoned-
Like bare bodies sitting unattached
To their skeletons
Placed in plastic bags
Collected from old desk drawers
Beneath bed posts,

How simple an act as writing a letter,
With disposable blue pen or whatever
Was on hand- an electric lime green crayon
For instance, how incredibly human
To speak as easily,
So violently private,
That soft-immense intention
Behind even the unoriginal “Dear”
And always “p.s.”
Always forgetting a detail or wanting
To add more:
A paragraph of incessant thought not
Needed just to let you know and
With a final goodbye,

But paper bleeds
Beats the same as when
Written a carbon copy of a once-
Loved one’s insides
A reflection of our own selves,

Lit with birch bark and butane,
Under old-growth cedar on river’s precipice
A bit west of the rope bridge-
The usual place for bitter coffee and armistice,
All at once
Peace by piece
A plural body reclaimed,

It was a brilliant fire


Author: Montana Svoboda

I'm a genderless poet currently living in Central Michigan where I attend college for Environmental Science and English. Nature's some cool shit, frisbee's a neat activity, fountain pens are best pens, Latakia for life, coffee and tea keep these gears turning.

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