Goat Herder

Over prepared youth
Missed intentions
Longing for skyscraper shorelines
Searching for pebble-peppered bare feet

Caffeine consumed in clay moments
Malleable timing
Fresh flavors savored sweetly
Soaking wet seeping from small cracks
Dripping from cup to floor,
Too hot for ice,
So a smile is given and received

Dove into the car with fervor
Present tense nostalgia
Reunited after a pause,
A blank period of growth
Shit’s changed
Spring has happened,
Distance between smiles
Expanding yet again,
A roar to whisper
Buddhist radio listened to

Temptation filed in lines
Sacrificed meditating
Objectified and taken for granted,
Forever under cedar walls
On whitewater,
Constant shifting,
Stir fry late nights,
Stained mugs serving as communal wishing wells

Waves for fellow friend
Lake Superior sun shining
Bright and riveting
Hands grasping for one another,
Taking pictures with different filters
And Editing techniques,
Shane jumps
Fear of heights vanishing under
Emancipated chemical veils

Picking fossils from monuments
In a year we’ll fill the gaps picked out,
So take a picture of opportunity presenting itself
Inhaling heaven and resolution

At an earlier date maybe
This would have meant more
(It was more than enough)

Misplaced ring-
The wonder of being far away
Yet so close to heart
Leaped shirtless
Scars showing
Unbiased of appearance
Surface layer or diaphragm born,

Towels turned to capes
Pretending to be super heroes
So things like love and aging
Won’t hold so much weight,
It was a ten foot fall

Eyes opened underwater
Suspended in brevity,
Bodily functions delayed
For a second before
When everything was so
And beautiful

Contemplated drowning
And never returning to the surface


Author: Montana Svoboda

I'm a genderless poet currently living in Central Michigan where I attend college for Environmental Science and English. Nature's some cool shit, frisbee's a neat activity, fountain pens are best pens, Latakia for life, coffee and tea keep these gears turning.

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