Stripped to bare bones
Loved ones are just vessels for desertion,
A place to retreat
Assuming their frequencies
Will wrap the body in harmony
Panic makes for poor judgement
Comparing long term benefits
To immediate consequence
A child’s finger coated with concrete
Date and reason acquiesced
Set the scar in stone
A quart of blood is better
Than the absolute abandonment
Of water
When cotton meets counterpart
Skin fails to touch comfort,
How sweetly it would be
To simply stop breathing,
Tension breaking
At the splash of a lifted weight
I think about my family
Like I think about drowning


Author: Montana Svoboda

I'm a genderless poet currently living in Central Michigan where I attend college for Environmental Science and English. Nature's some cool shit, frisbee's a neat activity, fountain pens are best pens, Latakia for life, coffee and tea keep these gears turning.

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